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Destine design Themes.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:28 am
by clyde4210
I personally can not stand DD but rather I like him or not. You are giving away commercial themes which makes them ripped themes and illegal. You have not gotten permission from him and under the GPL they are still considered commercial themes.

He does not have to reply to you or anyone else concerning his themes. Just because he has ignored you does not mean you now have the right to rip his themes.

You should remove them from the site. Unless of course this site is known for ripping peoples work then I guess it wouldn't matter.

My personally feelings on the matter is to late you've already passed them out and in my book a theme ripper. Maybe one day you'll actually make something of your own then others can rip it and remove your copyrites claiming it as there own.

Re: Destine design Themes.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:34 am
by Helter
I understand your concern but you are wrong. The two Destine themes I have here were converted from licensed copies from two of his clients who could not get support for the products they paid for. They both showed me proof of their licenses before I converted them from phpbb2/nuke to phpbb3. That was nearly a year ago. Destine is not ignoring me...they are gone. There is no active Destine website and therefore no support.
Please do at least a little investigation before you point fingers and make claims. If you had at least compared the versions you would have said I took some of their images instead of claiming I had ripped their theme because the coding for nuke is way different. I had to completely rewrite most of the code to get rid of the errors cased by changing the Doctype, and I had to redo several of the images.
I have both Mustang and Vision on my messenger. Neither has logged in in a very long time and neither has replied to any of my messages, nor the messages of at least two of their clients.

About violating GPL... you should really read up on it before quoting it. Rather that try to explain its purpose and definition, Ill just leave you this simple quote
Anything that requires PHP-Nuke (GPL code) in any part is swallowed up by the GPL. They can charge for access to their download, but enforcing that you must pay to use or see the source violates GPL

As for your last statement, since it is nonsense, ill just ignore it.

Re: Destine design Themes.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:19 am
by clyde4210
I know all about Destine Designs and regardless if he is gone or not. You are passing out ripped themes. Sure you may have converted them for a couple users. It still stands you are now passing them out for free. Rather he is in business or not still does not grant you permission to take commercial themes and give them away. They still are protected as commercial themes.

As for coding the coding isn't protected as much as the images are. Because when you went to download a theme he allowed you to download any version you wanted. You however can not take his images then add a red dot or red no sign and say well there mine now.

I guess you've seen all 1430 Z3 licenses of the users who have downloaded this theme?

I also guess you have seen all 1922 mech2 licenses?

These are ripped themes. The users downloading and using these themes are now ripped theme users.

What you're thinking and claiming is only twisted to benefit theme rippers. No matter how you're looking at it these are infact commercial themes and always will be. Granted you are allowed to alter there coding but you are not allowed to pass these out for free or for a price. You may charge a fee to port them over. Once you have seen proper licensing.

The user's who wanted these could have them ported over to phpbb3 because he never really included any real copyrite on that because the different forks of nuke and coding. They still need to show proof of purchase before they are allowed to have them ported.

FYI: Mustang stopped working with Vision back in the later part of 2006. As for being concerned. DD was and is a ripoff artist. I never liked him or Mustang's shoddy work. These are still commercial themes you are passing out for free.

Re: Destine design Themes.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2009 2:41 pm
by Helter
Your mind is obviously made up even though there is no legal grounds for your accusations. I have not claimed ownership of any of his images. I wrote the code that assembles them into a theme that looks "similar" to the original. I gave them plenty of time to respond and object to my release of the themes. As far as the law goes, had they objected to me releasing the themes, they have no legal grounds to enforce it due to the same gnu license that you are claiming prohibits me from releasing them. Had Vision requested I not release them I would not have done so.

I know your probably a little bored atm because it is summer time and your out on summer break, but in a few months you'll be back at school and have plenty of other kids to argue pointless and unsubstantiated stories with, but I simply do not have the time or interest. Besides it is absolutely NONE of your business and since Jon (Vision) has an account here, im sure he will let me know if he has an issue with this.

**btw, i did a little research on you and found you are banned from many Nuke support sites for exactly this type of behavior plus several copyright violations. I also found out that you had many retail Destine themes available for free on your website while Destine was still active and selling his themes.

Re: Destine design Themes.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:16 pm
by Helter
Update: I have been informed that the current site is now registered in India.
Dont be fooled by the site. They are not Destine and have no right to pretend to be Destine or sell their themes.