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Helpful Hints

Postby Michaelo » Thu Nov 03, 2005 5:50 am

Typo's A typo in a language file will result in lots of errors the most common being...

White Page
Missing assignment operator '>', and.or missing , at end of each statement.

Header already sent
Any text (including blank lines) placed after ?> at the end of a page will result in 'Header already sent'

Opera and IE

Both Opera and IE will by default align table data to center. To correct this problem without having to redo all your file just add tr {text-align:left; } to you css file.

CSS Hints
To remove border from all images add this to your css file img { border: 0px; }

More later...


Read this post often... We will update it as from time to time and remember, don't panic :?

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